Meg Swing

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The Meg swing door is composed of a panel and an aluminium grip edge incorporated in the full length, that can match the colour of the door or contrast with it. This insert can be further customised by means of different finish. The internal layout of the wardrobe is completely customisable therefore can be adjusted exactly to your needs. Tecnopolis wardrobes stand on aluminium frames that ensure quick assembly and disassembly and prevent the typical imbalances of wardrobes on wooden bases, as well as isolating the structure of the wardrobe and its contents from damp floors. Lastly, the practical removable bottom panel simplifies cleaning and can also be used as a secret compartment.




Widths: from 47.5cm to 462.5cm

Heights: 238.4cm, 254.4cm and 289.6cm

Depth: 63.0cm



The internal structure is in melamine (4 colours).

Doors available lacquered matt (34 colours) or glossy (16 colours), in colour wood (13 colours) or walnut and oak wood finishes (6 colours).

The handle available lacquered in 34 colours.



Customisable dimensions.



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