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The Air system has expanded to include a modern sideboard that plays on the contrast between solids and voids, inverting the order of factors: the piece seems to float in the air, supported by transparent tempered glass sheets to create a surprising effect of suspension. Free-standing and available finished on both sides, the Air sideboard can also be placed in the middle of the room, lending light and luminosity to the space. Its essential lines make it a versatile piece for furnishing the dining room and kitchen. The Air sideboard can stand out through the choice of dynamic hues and shapes or dialogue with tables and chairs in a vast range of styles.

Drawers and drop-down doors can be alternated with thick shelves to create aligned or misaligned compositions with static or uniquely dynamic shapes. The available finishes include Wildwood oak, glossy glass, mat glass and wood lacquered with any of the 32 LAGO hues.

LSP offers a professional home design consultation to help you create a composition that fully meets your needs. Please contact us to book your appointment with one of our qualified interior designers.


Family of compositions, available in different sizes and shapes.

Available widths: 110.4 / 147.2 / 184 / 220.8 /  cm.

Available depths: 40,6 / 51 cm.

Available heights:  75.3 /  78.7 / 82.6 / 89.1 / 101.2 / 121.3 / 139.7 158.1 cm.




Lacquered, matt or polished glass, 32 different colours.

Unique "X-Glass" Marbled/Metal/Wood & Home Couture patterns available in polished or matt glass.

Unique "X-Glass" Marbled/Metal/Wood & Home Couture patterns are available in polished or matt glass.



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