We built our success on a glass table

  • Are always delighted to be tagged in posts on social media but when a new follower tagged us in their Instagram post we couldn’t belive what we saw. @themagazeen posted this image of their dining areadepicting the classic ‘STEPS’ felt dining chairs which are dotted around our showrooms and can be found in our 2021 collection but they’re not the story here, what stopped us in our tracks is the incredible glass dining table. As a brand new company in 1999 we went to Italy in search of iconic contemporary furniture and instantly fell in love with the products of ‘URBINATI’, in particular the incredible 20mm thick glass, uncompromising engineering and groundbreaking aesthetic of their ‘LEONARDO’ table. 

    A display model was installed in our Islington showroom and it was an instant success, seemingly everyone wanted one, even Alexander McQueen purchased one for use in his studio. The Leonardo gave us the springboard our fledgling company needed to achieve our goal of building an furniture collection that championed contemporary furniture innovation.

    Sadly Urbinati ceased trading many years ago so if like these owners you still have a Leonardo be assured that you are in possession of a bonafide contemporary classic and what in our opinion is one of the finest glass tables ever produced. Now that Themagazeen know the significance of their table to our history they love it even more

    Tap the bio link to browse our 2021 collection for our latest collection of contemporary glass furniture from Italy’s finest makers.

    If you’re reading this and have a piece you continue to enjoy after a long time get in touch, we’d love to know and tell everyone else all about it